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MD, and many more. All the traditional CAT tool features: machine translation, term bases, terminology management, and more, combined with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. Access the Editor for Web, which opens in browser, the Editor for Desktop, which syncs with the cloud in real time and supports offline work, and the Memsource mobile app. Available for iOS and Android. Use our forever free Personal edition or gain access to more advanced features by signing up for a free trial of the Team Start edition.

Memsource uses cookies to improve your experience on this website. However, the results of our tests concluded that price did not predict translation accuracy. Straker Translations, while priced lower than our average cost, scored highest overall in accuracy. Gengo also did well in accuracy, speed and overall value, and One Planet was right behind them. We also combined translation price and service to form a Translation Value score. We scored for how many sets of eyes checked or edited our translation and how many services, like desktop publishing for instance, were included in the quoted price.

The best business translation software recognizes the language you are working with and allows you to convert an assortment of documents types to another language.

It offers a variety of languages to choose from and provides good support and a user-friendly interface. It translates email seamlessly, allowing all parties to write in their choice of language and have the email delivered in the language of the recipient.

It likewise converts all Word documents, Excel reports and PowerPoint presentations inside their native applications and from the original languages in which they were created. Below are the criteria you can use to help you evaluate these translation software products. Features The best document translation software includes a variety of features that enhance your translation experience. Particularly useful features include instant language recognition, batch processing of file folders full of documents, text-to-speech capability to help you learn correct pronunciation and an integrated spell-checker.

Available Languages Before comparing other software attributes, determine which software supports the languages your company requires. The range of supported languages in the translation software we review goes from one to ninety-nine. Some software contains all supported languages in a single product.

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Better translation software offers multilingual packages that contain several languages in one program. The best software allows you to work inside these various document formats, particularly the popular business programs in the Microsoft Suite. Being able to easily browse internet sites in other languages is also important for research and communication with overseas business partners. And while not many of these applications are Mac compatible, if this is a consideration, we also note that in this section.

Each provides a range of other customer support options, like FAQs and user forums. In this section, we list details of these options along with ease-of-use information gathered during the live testing of each application. If you have a very large volume, you should work with the translation agency. They can provide fast translation in a short period of time. I highly recommend Ad Gloriam. I work with this agency many years. Rather than focusing on managing the differences, in my experience successful teams and business partners leverage and value them.

When this applies not only to the language or cultural variances, and crosses over economic and position titles, you can almost guarantee successful results, projects and better ideas. I've seen both success and failure in helping form and implement mobile projects in agri-business. When the end users input and feedback are valued and included, the business gains Hi Katrien, There are some great recommendations provided below, but I do agree with Gary.

Translation Software and Service Comparisons

In your question I don't see a few key factors 1 What language s are you translating? Do you want to work for large corporations or do you want to work with solo-entreprenuers? This will definitely narrow down your potential client. It may sound out of place, but it's been true for me. I watched and memorized a lot of stand-up comedy jokes. Seinfeld, Carrey, Connolly, etc. I'm Mexican and lived my whole life in Mexico. I studied English in elementary school and needed it in college, but the truth is that it was until I started working in Mexico for a U.

Babylon software leads the competition with its ability to accurately translate a wide variety of languages and file formats. Read more in our review. How does the well-known language-service company Babylon fare next to others in our review of translations services? Read our review here to find out. Cute Translator is an inexpensive and easy-to-use translator that allows you to communicate in any of its 53 languages.

Read more about how it compares here. Day Translations is a fast and affordable translation service that pays careful attention to detail. How does Dynamic Language rank among the competition?


Find out now in our language translation services comparison. Edge Professional Translation provides expert language conversion for businesses of all sizes through a self-service customer portal. Learn more about it here. Foreign Translations provides business document translation and language services. Learn more about this translation agency's pros and cons in our review. Gengo is an affordable translation service that may be right for your next project.

Find out how it compares to the rest of our lineup by reading our review. IdiomaX Translation Suite integrates well with Microsoft applications and easily translates webpages from one language to another. Read more about it here. Net-Translators is a best-in-class business translation service that provides document translation and software localization.

Learn more here in our review. NeuroTran Pro translates books, webpages, emails, reports, spreadsheets, presentations and other documents in up to 99 languages. Is One Planet the right company for your business translation project? Find out how we compare it with the best translations services.

Read our review here. Personal Translator Professional works securely on your desktop translating Microsoft Suite and other files into many different language pairs. Read more here. Power Translator is powerful, accurate and efficient business translation software that can be voice activated. To see how it stacks up, read our review here.

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Promt Professional 10 provides translations for almost all common file formats in an easy-to-use, multilingual, desktop software. Find out how Straker Translations compares to the other language translation services on our lineup and how the company stands out. Word Magic Translator Professional Plus is a robust translation and communication tool for those needing full-featured Spanish language options.

Read more in our review of the translation agency here. Based in the United Kingdom, Prestige Network offers detailed translation services. Machine translation and website localization are just a few of the features the company offers. Conjugations charts for verbs and adjectives. Fast search.

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It offers lots of powerful features including: , entries in Japanese and English, with some translations also available in German, French, and Russian. Example sentences provided by Tatoeba. Verb and adjective conjugations. Sentence analyzer. Offline use. Get the Imiwa?

Built in IME allows you to switch quickly between English and kana without having to change the device keyboard. Kana tables to help you learn hiragana and katakana. Kanji details, stroke order diagrams, and radical search. Example sentences. Custom tagging. Offline access. Get the gSho app on the Google Play Store. It includes a number of kick-ass features, including: Multiple ways to look up kanji, including hand drawing, radical search, and SKIP codes. Search using any form of verbs or adjectives they are automatically deinflected to their dictionary form. Automatic vowel prolonging e.

SRS flashcards. Quizzes for the JLPT. Stroke order diagrams. Examples sentences from Kotowaza.