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However, you can also store them permanently.

Use POP or IMAP clients - G Suite Admin Help

Being the original protocol, POP follows the simplistic idea that only one client requires access to mail on the server and that mails are best stored locally. This leads to the following advantages:. As mentioned in the introduction, IMAP was created to allow remote access to emails stored on a remote server. The idea was to allow multiple clients or users to manage the same inbox.

So whether you log in from your home or your work computer, you will always see the same emails and folder structure since they are stored on the server and all changes you make to local copies are immediately synced to the server. Obviously, it depends on your specific variables and you probably have an idea of what is best suited for your situation already.

The points below should help to make a final decision. If in doubt, go with IMAP. There must be a simple way to achieve maximum functionality i just haven't worked it out yet Report message to a moderator.

What are IMAP and POP?

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Search For Search. Back up your mailboxes Switching from a POP3 connection to IMAP can result in your existing email being deleted, so you should create a backup of your mailboxes to avoid losing anything important.

AppRiver Exchange 2010 LITE on Mac Mail using IMAP

User Name : Your email account user name. Password : Your email account password. Navigate to your backup file and click Choose.