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See specs here: I have registered them both and was able to update the maps before. Now, one of them acts normal, updates etc. The 2nd one does exactly as Xray's does, it loads as an extra drive on my computer but none of the Garmin apps even can tell it's plugged in. I've worked back and forth with Garmin to try all the troubleshooting you guys have mentioned and they mentioned. Garmin apps just do not see the identical NUVI but sees the other one. This is very frustrating since I bought these specifically to not have to pay for new maps.

Xray - did you find any answers that finally worked or did you just leave it like I did and retry every so often? I am having the same issues. Shows up in my computer, and recognized by GCP but will not load in Express. When I open express, it does appear that it sees a device, but never loads it. The orange swirling loading icon just stays there. I found my problem. I was looking at the garmin as a drive and did properties on it, it was totally full! Once I removed some of the languages I didn't need, the Garmin apps found it.

There must not even have been enough room to run a program to see my Nuvi. MapUpdater is what i used in the first place. XrayTrain Could you answer my previous post, as without knowing your response to that we're shooting in the dark. Is the Plug-in installed and does it recognise your device:? Oops, like you I missed part of one of his post, always the problem when someone else hijacks the thread: I agree though, it sounds like maybe his AV or firewall could be blocking the download.

Neither Map Updater or Garmin Express will 'find' my Nuvi

The other thing he could try is to delete the GarminDevice. A corrupted xml file can also cause problems. Excellent suggestion on deleting the GarminDevice. Easy enough to do and no harm done if it's not the problem.

I fogot to memtion to disable the firewall as you suggested, another good point. I have the firewall set to manual, this enables me to control what programs or sites are trying to access my PC. In the beginning it's a bit time consuming since you must either permit or deny access, but once learned it remains in memory.

May Reading about this issue of the GarminDevice. Delete the file and reboot the Garmin device causing the file to be recreated Manually install a new version of the firmware Delete voice and text language files that you don't need freeing up space and restart the device Deleting the xml file and rebooting the device did not correct the issue. Garmin no longer provides firmware files outside of its unreliable web browser plugins or MapUpdater programs.

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So, before I called support, I decided to try deleting non-English text and voice files. My available space on the device went from 14MB to over Mb. I'm not sure how much was really needed, but when I restarted the device this time, GarminExpress immediately detected it correctly and correctly updated the firmware and maps.

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I had tried the fixes above on both Windows and Mac versions of the Garmin software with the same results. It doesn't work if there isn't sufficient room even for the xml file. MapUpdater only updates maps, not software, I suspect you meant WebUpdater 3. I had this same problem: August I had this problem today and spent an hour trying to figure out why I was having problems. When I deleted foreign language files and voice files to free up a LOT of space, my Garmin was identified right away by Garmin Express. Seems like this should be noted as a possible solution on the website!

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Had the same problem with my nuvi it was on the computer but Garmin Express could not find it! Try taking out the micro SD and replug the nuvi back into the computer USB port, give it a minute to find itself and you should find it has been recognised, install the updated software first, then push back in your SD card make sure it has enough free space and then download your latest maps. It worked for me! March edited March Try the tips here: Nyne 0 Points. Finally got it to work.

I was having the problem as most here, but I discovered on the initial plugin of the unit to my laptop in that pop up box that asks what you want to do if you click open a file, those funky hieroglyphs with 0 size must be removed, so I right clicked on the removable disk and formatted it, then unplugged and turned it off. Once I plugged it back in and started the WebUpdater, Shazzam!!!. All is well with the world again. I had a similar problem. Switched to a different USB cable and everything worked fine afterwards. Be sure to use the cable that came with the device, or any other high quality cable.

January Old thread I know but just wanted to confirm that deleting all unnecessary files also fixed the problem for me. The internal drive was totally full.

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Deleted non GB languages, and a few vehicles and so on. Re-tried the garmin express and it 'found' it straight away. Have to say that I'm not terribly impressed with Garmin for this pathetically minimal approach to device memory. Will seriously make me think when it comes to replacement Can I have my two hours back please Mr Garmin?

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Add a micro card to your nuvi and all will be well. Maps are increasing in size all the time, as are junctions covered by junction view etc. As for minimal memory, most phones, cameras etc require you to buy a card as well so the practice is hardly restricted to Garmin ;.

Boyd Points. As for minimal memory, most phones, cameras etc require you to buy a card. I did say most not all ; And of course with iPhones you pay more upfront for more memory: Andy1 10 Points. June To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

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I am using the latest version of Garmin Express. Posted on Mar 31, 8: Page content loaded. May 2, I have the same issue, only my connections drop immediately and stay that way; I have to reboot to re-establish them. I'll contact Garmin as well, but with the age of the Forerunner I'll be impressed if they provide support.

May 16, 7: After researching this, the issue is with the compatibility of the device and the new versions of Garmin Express and iOS. Below is a public article that we have that refers to needing an older version of Express on a iOS version of Each time you connect the device to the computer it will automatically sync once Garmin Express detects it. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.