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Although this is understandable from a chronological point of view, many players thought that the enjoyment of having such battles would balance out the historical inaccuracy. Many players complained that the maps were bias, i. Even on the easy setting, some players couldn't complete various missions. The infantry orientated maps I. E maps with no vehicles were also criticized for being unimaginatively designed, and containing obvious choke points, which were confining and prevent many players from enjoying those particular maps.

Many of the vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront were deemed to be overpowered. This is because it would usually take infantry from many different classes to bring down one vehicle, something which the AI were criticized for not being able to do. This was shown particularly on the AT-AT vehicle, on which infantry weapons did negligible damage. The infantry in the game were criticized for their blandness, I. Also, many players complained that the Federation special unit The Droideka was overpowered compared to the other races special units.

The PlayStation 2 version was criticized as the weakest version of Battlefront. It had limited multiplayer support, the textures were blurrier and the models had no shading whatsoever. The multiplayer was the most criticized part of the PlayStation 2 experience. The PlayStation 2 version could only support 16 players, but that was via a PC using special software. If such software wasn't used, then the PlayStation 2 could only have 4 human players with 6 AI-controlled bots, which on larger maps, proved to be inadequate and unsatisfactory to many players.

However, the PlayStation 2 version for single-player still remained just as fun as the other versions. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This page is about the video game.

Next, the player chooses which faction to play as. The game is played in turns, with the player starting first.

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The player can select an enemy-controlled or neutral planet to attack. After selecting what planet to attack, the player is able to activate a bonus from one of his already owned planets if any. Each planet provides its own unique bonus, but must be captured before the player can use it. Bonuses help the player in battle by impeding the enemy or assisting the player's team. If one side manages to win four battles not necessarily in a row , they gain access to their faction's Secret Base bonus.

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Secret Base bonuses are very powerful and can change the course of a game. They can be used on any enemy planet, except for the enemy's Secret Base. The game is completed when one faction controls all planets on the map. Instant Action mode allows the players to jump right into a battle of their choice.

Players can choose between playing as the Republic, the CIS, the Empire, or the Rebels on each of the maps, except Kamino , Geonosis, Endor and Hoth , which do not allow the player to select their battle era, as these follow their canonical settings. Players can also choose whether or not they would like to have heroes fight for each side.

Greg Burrod, executive producer on Battlefront stated "We wanted to create an online shooter title for the Xbox, PS2, and PC which would allow for team strategy and would feature battles and worlds from every one of the six Star Wars films. Most characters used a common animation set and the minimal number of bones were used due to concerns with hardware limitations at that time. The terrain-based landscape was formed using the editor's brushes to adjust height, texture application, and color shading. A higher, overall objective, such as which command post to head towards, would only be calculated every few seconds per unit.

Lower level objectives such as which enemy to fire on or what defensive strategy to take against incoming fire, are calculated continuously. Some sounds and foley for the game were taken from Star Wars reference material, while others were recorded during a two-day visit to Skywalker Ranch , near Nicasio, California.

The game has approximately 1, foley sounds that are used to convey the impression of such aspects as interaction with flora and fauna, water, and metals. Tom Kane voiced the character Admiral Ackbar and Yoda. The demo included one level, the Battle of Endor. This release is not supported by Lucasarts. A number of communities now exist solely based around creating maps and characters using these tools, and uploading them for others to download.

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A GameSpy representative stated the service agreement between LucasArts and GameSpy had been terminated as LucasArts chose to end support on the title. It was the country's 65th best-selling computer game between January and August Combined sales of all Battlefront computer games released between January and August had reached , units in the United States by the latter date.