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It may be possible that Java is disabled in your Safari browser.

PCSX2 Emulator for Mac OS X: Full Setup and Play Any Game (The Ultimate PS2 Emulator)

How do I right-click on my Mac? Sometimes, the Party Poker Anywhere software will require you to right-click to remove chips from the table or perform certain functions. Press and hold -CTRL- while clicking the mouse or trackpad. This is the equivalent to a right-click on a PC. How long will it take for the Party Poker Java to open in my browser?

It depends on the speed of your Internet connection, but is typically very fast. Party Poker claims to be working on it. Party Poker is doing what they can to minimize the amount of memory required to operate their instant play software. PartyPoker has a handy Java version of their poker room that runs within your browser. This is by far the easiest way to play at Party on your Mac.

You just click "play" and the poker room opens in a new window. The good news is that this is one of the better browser-based poker sites out there. The no-download version is quick to load and has all the essential features that a good poker site should have.

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This Mac compatible method is perfect if you play poker casually or just want to test the room out. Note: You may need to give permission to your browser to run the Java plugin when playing this instant play version for the first time. This is perfectly normal.

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Just click "run this time" or something like that and you're good to go. I've included a screenshot below to show you what I mean.

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The only downloadable client on offer comes in a. However, if you're able to run Windows on your Mac you can easily install this. There are two main ways to run Windows on a Mac:. The easiest method is to use Parallels. This is what's technically know as a "PC emulator". There are other emulators on the market like VMware Fusion , but Parallels is by far the easiest and most user-friendly option in my opinion. This emulator method saves you from having to reboot your Mac every time you want to play at Party Poker.

The obvious trade-off for this convenience is the fact Parallels has a price tag. The same can be said for online poker. In the early days of the industry, when Mac users were a decidedly smaller portion of computer users, it was genuinely difficult to find an online poker site that had developed a full Mac online poker client to download and play on. In fact, none of them did.

With the introduction of the iMac G3 and iBook in the late 90s you remember the colorful pods everybody suddenly wanted for their home or office , Apple changed the game. With that kind of demand building across the world it was only a matter of time before the top poker sites recognized just how much they needed a native Mac client.

When the first sites started rolling them out, the rest of the industry followed suit. You can also find lots of Mac-compatible tracking software to go along with it. Also, importantly, there are plenty of great and free Mac poker apps to download and use on your iPhone or iPad. There are three basic forms online poker software comes in - a full-feature, downloadable software client you download to your desktop or laptop computer, a mobile poker app you can download to your smartphone or tablet and "instant play" or " no download poker.

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The first is, obviously, the most feature-packed and stable with all kinds of customization options. It needs the power of a full computer to run at its peak capacity although it takes up very little of your available computer space. This is what most people who play online poker on their home computer desktop or laptop use to play online poker. The second-most popular option these days is a mobile poker app, which you can download to your smartphone or tablet.

For Mac users, that means an iPhone or iPad. These are also very good software products.

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All of the major poker sites now have top-flight iPhone poker apps that offer virtually all of the features of the desktop client but with simplified tables, betting functions, lobbies etc. You can still access the full range of games available to all players but things like multi-tabling and customization are slightly limited. Still, for the average player, you can hardly tell the difference.

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The third, and least popular form of playing online poker, is 'in-browser' or 'no-download. Explorer or Firefox without downloading any of the software.

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This is fine and for people who only wish to play play-money-poker usually more than adequate but for playing real-money poker online there's no question downloading either the full Mac poker software or Mac poker app is better for both quality of play and security. In the past, when poker sites did not have dedicated Mac poker software, anyone with a Mac needed a Windows emulator to play online on their Mac. Thankfully, those days are gone. Now most major poker sites offer OSX-compatible software for download and those that don't typically offer a Flash-based, no-download version you can play online.