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Gargan is knocked overboard by Spider-Man. While Gargan sent one of his own men to meet with Randy Vale and check over the Chitauri and Ultron based weapons, Schultz handed over the keys to the van for Gargan to take it away.

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Spider-Man attacked all the criminals while the surprised Gargan put up a fight, but was knocked off the edge of the ferry by Spider-Man who then used his webs to catch him mid-air and leave him just barely holding onto the ferry's edge. Gargan is knocked overboard by the Vulture. While the Shocker was also webbed up, Spider-Man so subdued all of Gargan's allies.

Despite holding on for dear life, Gargan was later knocked off the ferry when Adrian Toomes attacked while wearing his Vulture Exo-Suit and smashed into a car that lurched forwards into him, plunging Gargan into the water. He was soon recovered, heavily injured, and arrested by the FBI who had set up a sting operation to catch the black market dealings occurring around the city.

Gargan is reunited with Adrian Toomes. While walking along the corridors of the prison, Gargan smiled as he approached Adrian Toomes , who was also recently defeated by Spider-Man. Noting his surprise over being imprisoned together, Gargan assured Toomes that the result of their fight with Spider-Man was not his fault.

Gargan asks about Spider-Man 's true identity. Gargan informed Toomes that he blamed Spider-Man for his injuries and that he had some friends on the outside who had come across Spider-Man and wanted their revenge. Gargan said that he heard a rumor Toomes knows who Spider-Man is. Toomes lied to Gargan saying if he knew who Spider-Man is, he would already be dead, which Gargan seemed to accept before then leaving Toomes to talk to his wife and daughter as Gargan watched him leave. Gargan is a sadistic and dangerous criminal, being convicted with of multiple homicides, his former partner Aaron Davis described him as "crazy" which was the main reason Davis stopped working with him.

He is shown to hold a grudge, instantly plotting to kill Spider-Man for his involvement in his imprisonment. The villains' technologies were then hijacked by von Bardas, supplying her with power and potentially at the villains' lives, but the assembled heroes defeated von Bardas and apprehended Scorpion and the others.

Alongside Spider-Man and other villains and heroes, Gargan is kidnapped by other-dimensional forces. Where he succeeds on killing Spider-Man, who is really the original Space Phantom in disguise. For his crimes, the Inhumans matriarch came as Medusa orders his execution and almost carries it out herself.

Later, he tries to kill the other participants for the " Beyonder 's" wish fulfillment prize for the winner, but fails and is returned to Earth. Gargan was seen being thrown out from the Thunderbolt Mountain by Captain Marvel. Gargan was later seen with the other Thunderbolts in Washington. The Skrulls attempt to trick him into killing normal humans to find out which of them are Skrulls. Osborn attempted to prevent the symbiote from killing anyone by threatening to kill Mac Gargan and promising to help satisfy his "urges" later, only for Gargan to reveal that the threat he appeared to pose to civilians was a ruse in order to draw out a disguised Skrull.

Venom slashing and eating the Skrulls all at once. He soon joins the Thunderbolts and the remaining heroes, for the final battle against the Skrulls. Venom, along with most of the Thunderbolts team, attempts to kill partner, Songbird from the orders of Osborn. Songbird was defeated by Venom and almost eaten by Venom, but escaped with help from Swordsman. During their first mission against Morgana le Fay , Morgana transforms "Spider-Man" into a giant, demonic monster who then tries to eat Ares.

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Venom later coughs up Ares, however Morgana's magic affects Venom, causing him to lose and randomly gain control of himself. Once they arrive home, he argued with "Hawkeye".

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  • Later, attempting to find out Norman Osborn's plans for his son Harry , the real Spider-Man, with the aid of the Invisible Woman , manages to capture Gargan by using a sonic generator and takes his place to infiltrate the Dark Avengers. Gargan is thrown into the Negative Zone , but later went back with the Dark Avengers. Gargan is seen heading out into the city to "fight crime" solo against Osborn's wishes.

    At one point, he was defeating a bank robber called General Wolfram. After making out with two girls at once and getting cheered by a large crowd, he takes the robber to an abandoned roof top and consumes his arm. He then takes the money Wolfram stole and swings away. Gargan is then seen at a strip club with the money. After getting reprimanded by Norman Osborn for eating Wolfram's arm, Gargan kills a stripper and places her dead body in J. Jonah Jameson's bed while he is gone in an attempt to frame him for her murder.

    At the same time, Redeemer visits the injured General Wolfram and recruits him alongside other villains who have had limbs bitten off by Gargan namely Dementoid, Doctor Everything, Eleven, and Hippo in a plan to take down "Spider-Man". In another attempt to antagonize Jameson, Gargan instigates a turf war between two rival street gangs, hoping to wear Jameson down through stress and exhaustion from continuously putting out stories to cover the crime wave.

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    At the same time, the Redeemer arms his group with cybernetic limbs to defeat Spider-Man. Jonah Jameson goes to Norman Osborn for help and is given Spider-Man to help solve the city's gang problem. Gargan continues to instigate the gang war and aggravate Jameson in person.

    A bomb threat is placed by Redeemer to lure Spider-Man into an intervention, though Gargan instead devours Hippo and Eleven, badly injures Dementoid, and beats Doctor Everything into submission before turning him over to the police. He then eats Redeemer's limbs. Redeemer, Wolfram, and Dementoid are the only ones still remaining of the group, despite being hospitalized, Redeemer sends photos of Gargan's actions to Jameson in an attempt to expose him as a psychopath to the world.

    Jameson first goes to Osborn, who decides to cut Gargan loose by sending Bullseye and Daken to kill him. At the Big Apple Festival, the two attack him, with Dementoid, General Wolfram, and both gangs involved in the turf war entering the fray to try to kill Spider-Man. Gargan ends up defeating all of them, and J. Jonah Jameson shoots a gun in the air to stop the fight.

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    As a result, everyone credits Jameson and Spider-Man with successfully working together to stop criminals and save the festival. Gargan returns to Avengers Tower, where he is visited by Norman Osborn. Osborn informs him that Bullseye and Daken will get over being hurt, but warns Gargan that if he goes out of control again, he will personally take care of him.

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    • However, Osborn is forced to retreat due to the sheer number of X-Men when informed that the only way to win would be to kill all the mutants on the island. Later, Gargan begins to show signs that his medications are making him emotionally unstable. On a mission with the Dark Avengers, Osborn takes Gargan off the case when he notices his outbursts. Molecule Man turns Gargan and inert his symbiote into pile of goo.

      Scorpion joins Alistair Smythe, and a new villain named Fly-Girl, including some unnamed cyborg minions in attacking the launch site of John Jameson 's latest space mission where they sabotage the launch and put Jameson on hostage. Scorpion, Hydro-Man , and the Trapster head Peter Parker's headquarter while trapped in Doctor Octopus's dying body to save him and apprehend Doctor Octopus who has occupied Spider-Man's body in order to save his loved ones from Doctor Octopus's final sinister scheme. When finding a safe area containing Peter Parker's friends and relatives, Scorpion plans to have his final revenge on J.

      Jonah Jameson.

      When Jameson came to the Raft to oversee the execution of Alistair Smythe, Smythe had taken the opportunity to unleash his microbots across the complex, and with them, cybernetically enhanced Gargan and Toomes, equipping them with new suits to finally kill Spider-Man and break out of prison. However, Octavius managed to foil the breakout, and ended up killing Smythe, disabling the new tech and Scorpion and Vulture were detained and reimprisoned. However, Tiberius Stone pays Gargan's bail and heals him, making him his new bodyguard. When the temporally-relocated Miguel O'Hara is roped into accompanying Tiberius Stone to sell Spider-Slayers to a foreign country, while investigating, Stone is captured by local rebels, Miguel encounters the Scorpion, having been hired by Alchemax to further test the Spider-Slayers.

      Thinking that Miguel is the present Spider-Man in a new suit, the Scorpion attacks him with the aid of the Spider-Slayers, but Miguel manages to defeat him by using his holographic assistant Lyla to project the present Spider-Man's costume over Scorpion, causing the Spider-Slayers to attack him. After Stone deactivates them, Mac is introduced to Miguel, commenting that he seems familiar. Becoming a part-time enforcer for Black Cat's criminal organization, Mac Gargan arranged a meeting with Lee Price , a discharged Army Ranger looking for work.

      Despite being disturbed by Price's callousness, Gargan hired him as the muscle for an arms deal between Black Cat's gang and Tombstone's gang.

      MacDonald "Mac" Gargan (Earth-616)

      The deal went badly, but Gargan's suspicions were aroused when Price was the only survivor and reports from spies from Black Cat planted in the police force, stated that some of the people were killed by something other than gunshots. When Price returned the merchandise the following day, Gargan confronted him and was even more suspicious after sensing something familiar about Price, referring to him as the Scorpion when Gargan hadn't disclosed his super villain identity. As the Scorpion, MacDonald Gargan possesses all the powers of a scorpion. When he acquired the Venom symbiote, he retained some of his scorpion-like powers due to the removal of his suit, and was granted the additional powers of the Venom symbiote, granting him several abilities similar to Spider-Man.

      Due to the removal of the symbiote, Gargan now has been reduced to his original Scorpion power. Sign In Don't have an account?