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Double lines? Ooh, dotted lines! Or maybe dashes? What about the color? A standard one? Or a themed set?

And that's without considering whether you want the same border on all sides of your box, or something different across the top or along the bottom. Before you realize it, you can lose half your morning on irrelevant esthetics. Surely there's a simpler, distraction-free way of applying a border. You won't notice the change until you select another cell.

Oops: You or a colleague succumbed to the temptations of the Format Cells - Border dialog box see previous slide , with its cornucopia of line styles, colors, orientations and spacings, and your worksheet now looks like a Mondrian-Jackson Pollock mash-up. You distractedly type in a whole series of labels, then realize that you meant them to go across a row, and not down a column.

Adding New Lines to Cells in Excel for the Mac

Start by selecting the column of labels or other data you want to transpose. You can click and drag or, if the column is very long, try this: Select the first cell in the column, hold down the shift key, and double-click on the lower border of the selected cell: Excel will extend the selection downward until it encounters an empty cell. Copy the selection, then select the leftmost of the cells where you would like the transposed labels to appear. As long as the source and destination areas don't overlap, you should see your cell entries spread across the sheet rather than down it.

Note: This trick also works the other way, for transposing a horizontal block of cells into a vertical one. This is a quick one. Curious minds will want to know: What happens if you do both simultaneously?

Excel on Mac: How to type newline inside a cell? – Manhattan Dave

This is a little like clicking on the triangle at the top-left of the sheet, with the difference being that it leaves the current cell selection unchanged, while clicking the triangle makes A1 the current cell. You selected something in Excel — a cell, a drawing, or a chart — and want to reformat it. But what or where is the command to do that? There are so many different formatting functions in Excel it can be hard to find the right one.

It works whatever the selection: cells or groups of cells; drawings, or even parts of charts such as legends or axes. If there's one thing I learned at college, it's that there's no shame in looking it up.

Office for iPad and Mac For Dummies

You don't have to know all the answers, but it helps to learn where to find them. So it is with building formulas in Excel: There are so many functions, with so many parameters, that it's nigh-on impossible to remember them all. Happily, you don't have to. Excel already provides a modicum of help, listing the parameters to a function when you type the opening parenthesis following its name. But that's not always enough of a clue.

Let's take the example of one of Excel's powerful yet perplexing financial tools, AMORLINC, which when given five or six parameters returns the prorated linear depreciation of an asset for each accounting period. But what do they mean? OK, this isn't a single keyboard shortcut, it's a whole family of them, but they all work on the same principle — and they're all in the row across the top of your keyboard, which makes them really handy if you want to change the presentation of your spreadsheet without picking up your mouse.

Say hello to the number formatting shortcuts:. Windows users don't know how lucky they are, being able to navigate all the elements of a dialog box, including buttons and checkboxes, without a mouse by tabbing from one to another.

How to Use Microsoft Excel. Learn Online.

You can't do that on macOS, where tabbing just moves you from one text input field to another. Or rather, you can't do that on macOS by default. There is a way to turn on that Windows-like behavior — and there's even a keyboard shortcut for it. It's not part of Excel, though: It's part of macOS. The long way to do it is to go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences Now you can navigate dialog boxes without having to pick up your mouse or touch the trackpad.

To sum up this tour of useful keyboard shortcuts, let's conclude with one for what is probably the most commonly used Excel function: summing up a column. Excel looks down on rectangular selections that extend across multiple rows and columns. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out.

Sign In Register. I found your post on April 15, Imagine that your post is still helping people 2 years, 2 months ad 10 days after you posted it! Kudos, Mr K. You single-handedly provided better support for Excel:Mac product than Microsoft. To their shame. I owe you one; if I can return the favor, drop me a note. This tip saved me a lot of time.

Insert a formula

Like the other commenters, I found the Mac Excel Help not that helpful. Thanks for the tip. This has been frustrating me for so long, and like a miracale you have provided the help. Thank you VERY much! I think as more people move to a MAC, this tip will continue to help others. Like others mentioned above, a profound thanks!

Anyone know how to disable that so I can use that keystroke for excel? Thanks from Germany, Erich. Thank you thank you. Look at all the comments over 2 years! See, we all achieve immortality in different ways through little acts of guidance and assistance. Thanks a ton. Just for a moment, consider how much time it took to offer this advice and then the resultant positive impact on so many people imagine the countless many that have benefited but did not write their thanks.

This might seem to overstate this.. It is such a pain that Excel in Mac is so different from Windows. I find the Mac version very awkward.

Brilliant — I was being driven mad by this. Thanks so much for putting this here. You have saved thousands of people a lot of frustration. Really love being able to google a question and find a site where someone was considerate enough to post the solution. Life saver — I just pushed every button possible and still got nothing. Your site helped heaps.

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Recently changed to MAC and not enjoying the frustration of all the different keystrokes!! This is going to be shared at our next team knowledge exchange….. I see alot of people are having this problem, not just me….

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It was so frustrating trying to figure out something that seems so simple as skipping to the next line within a cell. I think it was an inside joke by Microsoft played at the expense of Mac users. Darn Microsoft! I still love my Mac! Spent 15 minutes trying to figure it out hitting all kinds of combinations, googled and found you. Son of a gun!

Thanks for this post. I agree with the previous commenter of … 5 years later, your post is still life saver! Thank you, thank YOU! Thank you very much!!! For ever this post would be helpful if mac still chose with this awkward combination of keys. I was going crazy not knowing how to do this so-very-often required feature of adding new lines to an excel cell on Mac. OMG, amazing! Thank you!!! I think I tried every combo but this one, haha.

How to Start a New Line in Excel Cell (Keyboard Shortcut + Formula)

Thanks for this information, as did many others before me, I searched Microsoft help and could not find this information, even though I do it all the time on a Windows OS. Thank you so much! Have been searching quite some time to figure this one out. Much appreciated. You just saved my life…. I have been going crazy and needed to get this task done ASAP. Your email address will not be published.